In the Notary Office Number 5 we have experience and we are involved in economic, social, political and legal perspectives that make taking decisions an easy step for a diverse number of Parties. For over 30 years we have grown with clients of international and National Level, for them we have carried out legal acts such as: Transfer of Real Properties, Loan Agreements with Mortgage Guaranty, Organization of Companies, Organization of Trusts in the Restricted Zone, among others.

Real Properties

We Protect Your Properties

We render legal advice in the handling of real properties in a legal, proper and safe fashion. Through the public instrument, we guaranty the proper acceptance in the Public Registry of Property. Likewise, we provide the required attention in the following services, such as:

  • Purchase and Sales and any other Transfer Acts
  • Condominium
  • Merges, Acquisitions and Subdivisions of Real Property
  • Organization of Mortgage Guaranty
  • Cancellation of Mortgage


We consolidate fair relationships between companies and associations

We are very aware of the legal reality of organizing and operating a Company in the Country, therefore we render the services of organization of companies and associations, drafting of meeting minutes and their corresponding formalization. We offer granting of public instruments in which it is evidenced all types of acts, agreements and contracts in the companies field with the purpose of coordinating and to harmonize the legal provisions into the corporate acts that rule Companies in Mexico.


Security in real estate projects, from beginning to end

Real Estate Trust

You will obtain legal security required for your real estate projects via Contracts. We follow up and grant legality in real estate development for the benefit of both parties during the construction and sale of real estate.

Foreigner Trust

We open the door to buyers and investors coming from abroad. We specialize in advice and support to any person from other countries seeking to acquire properties in Mexico.

Legal Event

Property Planning for your Future and for your Loved Ones

We support you by preparing a will and Inheritance with or without will for the important process of distribution of property. We certify and legalize legal facts such as: ratify signatures, content of documents, event certification and certified copies.


Protection and Legality in Inheritance

Trial in which it is established the properties conforming the assets of the inheritance. In accordance to the will or in lack of the same, and in accordance to the provisions of the Civil Code, debts that constitute the liabilities are verified, and after proceeding to their payment, the balance is distributed among the heirs.