Notary 1

We continue on the same axis, to provide legal certainty to our clients through a legal framework based on criteria of equity and impartiality. Notary 1 maintains the purpose of consolidating the company as a regional specialized leader in the notarial functions.


The influence of Lic. Carlos Castro Segundo continues impacting through his son Fernando Castro Rubio, by performing an outstanding notarial labor based on providing legal certainty in the acts celebrated and presented before his faith.

The Public Notary Number 1 is an organization formed by an excellent human capital. Directed by MBA Fernando Castro Rubio, graduate of the Facultad Libre de Derecho in Mexico City. He has developed new knowledge and skills that allow him to complement the notarial service such as:

Diploma in Business Administration taught by Harvard Manage Mentor Plus.
Postgraduate in Corporate and Economic law, postgraduate in Contracts and Obligations, Master Business Administration (MBA), all by IPADE MEDEX.
Postgraduate in Urban and Tourism development law, Master's degree in Commercial and Business law, both of them at the Panamerican University, Campus Guadalajara.
Master’s degree in Finance by the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITESM).
Master’s degree in Personnel Management and Organizational Management by the University of Salamanca.
Currently studying a Master’s degree in Economics by the School of Goverment and Public Transformation of the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITESM).

Concerned about improving the Notarial service, his main challenge is to change the client's expectation towards notarial service where every Notary of the State of Jalisco must follow the principle of Rogation that obliges them to act at the client's request. He focuses his efforts and skills to provide services to clients with different needs such as the Vallartense society, real estate developers, financial institutions and foreign clients who’d like to settle in the city.

The diversification of clients within Notary 1 promotes a culture to generate an added value in the course of the property deed processes. This is why we create growth and development perspectives in our people, where the notary's collaborators training needs are met and by that they offer advice that create understanding and trust from the client.

We develop internal processes looking for assertive communication between clients and collaborators, that allow us to optimize resources and detect mistakes to work on them on time.
We aim to provide our clients legal certainty with high quality service at a fair price. And to fulfill the dreams, objectives and premises of an economic organization such as Notary #1, that every year seeks to overcome and exceed its goals.


To provide legal protection to businesses celebrated before the public faith, through timely legal advice.


To help the harmonious real estate development of the region and contribute to the development of our human capital and community. The legacy and prestige continue.


The preeminence and the responsibility are the values that rule the acting of our team members that conform Notary 1.

We believe in Innovation and avant-garde,, therefore we transform in value the information technologies by including innovation to our processes.

We search for the excellence and continuous improvement to satisfy our clients expectations. Likewise, we practice ethical values such as honesty, justice and loyalty within our institution and individually.

We integrate our principles of thought and conduct in our human relations to provide a respectful, amicable and equitable treatment to our clients and team members.

In Notary 1, we build and implement our own quality system, which allows us to measure internal processes with an approach to agility and total satisfaction for our customers.


Perfecting key business processes.

Enhancing value through assurance, quality control and continuous improvement of processes.

Creating value to the customer, with the accumulation of tangible and intangible benefits that the company delivers to the interested parties.